Pengumuman PPDB periode tahun 2017/2018

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Pengumuman seleksi calon siswa smkn 1 tanjung selor telah diterbitkan. Terdapat 5 program keahlian. Calon siswa sudah mulai berkumpul melihat hasil seleksi yang telah diadakan di hari sebelumnya. 



Un post muy panilótico-pratótico. Aquí sabemos lo que es solidaridad por lo que dice el DRAE pero nadie la practica.En este país (en nuestro tiempo) esa parte de la estrofa, del que debió ser nuestro himno nacional, esta dedicado a la plata (dinero).


I’m with Kaleb on this one and I’ll go a bit further. It can’t just be free. It has to be easily available and people have to KNOW about it.I’ve always had easy access to their server products legally/not-so-legally and I think that made the difference. I’ve learned enough LAM* to get by when I needed to, but it has always been much easier to learn on Windows. The products are inuelrated-enough/friendgy-enotgh so that I can focus on what I am trying to learn without being bothered by unimportant-at-the-time details.

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